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CES 2014: Sony refreshes their VAIO lineup, unveils the VAIO Fit 11A Flip PC

Tablet or Laptop? That’s a question that’s been plaguing consumers the past couple of years, and Sony has tried to answer that question with their VAIO Flip lineup. This year at CES 2014, they gave the lineup a refresh, and added a new member to the VAIO Flip family with the VAIO Fit 11A Flip PC.

Sony’s VAIO Fit 11A Flip PC can fold into tablet mode or swivel on a hinge like its brothers, but it’s sized at 11-inches to take a shot at the tablet crowd. The convertible weighs only 2.8 pounds, comes with an 8MP shooter, and it will ship with Windows 8.1. It has a backlit keyboard as well which is great to see on a hybrid laptopof this size. As with most of Sony’s models, you can expect several build options to be available, so you’ll be able to pick and choose a few of the components like your HD, RAM, and processor.
sony vaio 11A Flip PC
As for the rest of the Sony VAIO Flip family, the 13-inch, 14-inch, and 15-inch Flip PC models will be upgraded to Windows 8.1 and include Adobe Photoshop Elements. The Sony VAIO Duo 14, VAIO Fit 14E, and Fit 15E models will receive the software upgrades while the VAIO Tap 11, Tap 21 will get the upgrades and 802.11ac next-gen wireless technology. Sony’s VAIO Pro 11 and 13 will get some 802.11ac wireless love as well.

Sony appears to have a little something for everyone in their VAIO line, and the VAIO Fit 11A Flip PC looks to be a nice little addition to the Flip family. It comes with black, silver, or pink aluminum and is bundled with the pressure sensitive VAIO Active Pen along with Adobe Elements. Prices on the VAIO Fit 11A Flip PC start at $799 and go up depending on how you deck it out. The VAIO Fit 11A Flip will be available to purchase towards the end of February.

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