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Lenovo unveils Third-Gen ThinkPad Carbon X1 ahead of CES

lenovo thinkpad carbon x1Looking for a sleek laptop that will make your friends envious? If so, you may want to consider Lenovo’s ThinkPad Carbon X1 tablet. Lenovo recently unveiled the third generation of its Carbon X1 line, and it’s an Ultrabook that gives you quite a bit of bang for your buck.
thinkpad carbon x1
The ThinkPad Carbon X1 is a 14-inch laptop which is a little bigger than most Ultrabooks, but the weight isn’t a factor due to the carbon fiber build. The carbon fiber means it’s going to be tough and extremely light as the laptop comes in at a mere 2.9 pounds.Lenovo has also loaded the laptop down with high tech goodies including an adaptive keyboard, rapid charge technology, and voice/gesture controls. Battery life is said to be up by over 70% in this year’s model of the Thinkpad Carbon X1 as well due to the new Haswell processors.
lonovo thinkpad carbon X1As with most laptops these days, what lies under the hood depends on how much you want to pay, but you can expect Haswell processors, big memory, and lots of storage space. As usual, you’ll be able to bump up the processor, RAM, and storage along with a few other things. The Thinkpad Carbon X1 is sleek, fast, and well worth a look if you’re in the market for a new Windows 8.1 laptop. The prices start at $1,299, and Lenovo will let you build your own a little later this month.

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