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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 starts shipping with a faster processor

The Surface Pro 2 was released on October 22nd, and if you were one of the first to pick up Microsoft’s new tablet, you may not like this news. Only 2 months after releasing the Surface Pro 2, Microsoft has decided to upgrade the processor in new units shipping out.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 originally shipped with an i5-4200 that was clocked at 1.6GHz. The new processor is an i5-4300U which is clocked a bit higher at 1.9GHz, and it comes with Intel’s “Trusted Execution Technology” which improves security. If you’re wondering what Microsoft had to say about the switch, wonder no more…

microsoft surface pro 2

A Microsoft spokesmen speaking on the matter said, “Microsoft routinely makes small changes to internal components over the lifetime of a product, based on numerous factors including supply chain partnerships, availability, and value for our customer.” It’s an answer, although it might not be the answer you want to hear if you’re sans the i5-4300U.

Some customers who returned their Surface Pro 2’s have already reported received the new processors in their new devices, and Microsoft has started shipping them out to retailers as well. Enjoy the i5-4300U while you can as rumors already abound on the upcoming Surface 3 which may carry Nvidia’s Tegra K1.

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