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Surface Pro 2 owners set to receive a Firmware Update on Jan 14

Tuesdays are the day when new console games and Blu-Ray’s drop, but it’s also known as “Patch Tuesday” if you follow Microsoft. The last time Microsoft threw a patch party for Surface Pro 2 users it caused a few issues, and now they are set to release a firmware update that will remedy the issues caused by the last one.

The last Microsoft Surface Pro 2 firmware update caused a myriad of issues for some, but not all users. People complained of issues with sleep mode, and there were plenty of other reports on issues with battery life. As you can imagine, having your battery sucked dry quickly is not a problem you want to have with a mobile device.

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The trouble patch rolled out on December 10th, and since that time Microsoft has mainly remained mum on the subject. This week a lot of users and forum posters around the web have said Microsoft has given them a January 14 date for a new firmware update. While it’s not been officially confirmed, it looks like January 14th will be the next Patch Tuesday.

It remains to be seen whether the new Surface Pro 2 firmware update will fix the battery issue some users are experiencing with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2. We’ll know when Tuesday rolls around as you can expect the web to whip itself into a frenzy if the new firmware causes more problems or doesn’t fix the previous issues.

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