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Windows Tablets at CES 2014

CES 2014 - Best Windows Tablet News Reviews Videos 620

See coverage of the best Windows Tablets of CES 2014. Coverages includes news, press releases, demos, reviews, and hands-on videos. See the CES Windows Tablets we like and the ones we hate. Check out the latest Windows 8 Apps and Windows RT Apps. Stay tuned to Windows Tablet Review for the best CES coverage.

Sharp announces the Supersized RW-16G1 Windows 8.1 Tablet

sharp rw-16g

CES 2014 may be over, but that’s not going to stop manufacturers from showing off new wares in-between trade shows. Sharp announced a whopper of a Windows 8.1 tablet today with the Sharp RW-16G and if you’re in the market ...

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CES 2014: The Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1

toughpad fz-m1

Nothing’s worse than buying an expensive device and seeing it shatter or chip the first time it hits the floor. Panasonic agrees, and this year at CES 2014 they showed off their latest Toughpad with the 7-inch Toughpad FZ-M1. It’s ...

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CES 2014: Micromax shows off the Dual-Boot Android and Windows 8.1 Micromax LapTab

micromax laptab

Micromax probably isn’t a name most consumers are familiar with, but they are one of the biggest names on India’s mobile scene. ASUS made a big splash at CES 2014 with their dual-boot Transformer Book Duet, but it turns out ...

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Lenovo announces the 10 and 11-inch Miix 2 Windows Tablets


Lenovo makes some of the funkiest hybrids around, and this year at CES they unveiled a revamped Yoga 2 and two new Miix 2 Windows tablets. The Miix aren’t as flexible as the Yoga, but they do have a few ...

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CES 2014: ASUS Transformer Book Duet runs Android and Windows 8.1


ASUS is no stranger to putting out interesting devices, and today at CES 2014 the unveiled the ASUS Transformer Book Duet. It’s a dual-booting hybrid that can run Android or Windows 8.1, and it’s a laptop you’ll definitely want to ...

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What is CES? What to expect for CES 2014? – CES Preview

CES 2014 - Best Windows Tablet News Reviews Videos 620

What is CES? CES is the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s an annual trade show in which manufacturers of tech gadget and other electronics announce new products and technologies. During this conference, attendees are able to speak with OEMs, demo products, ...

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